Inflatable Bubble Tent

inflatable bubble tent

Inflatable Bubble Tent  purpose and characteristics. Inflatable Bubble Tent  is a kind of tent,The framework of structural mechanics.The gas pressure characteristics of the air bag is formed with a certain rigid column, and the skeleton of the tent is formed by the organic combination.


Inflatable tent is a kind of tent with the principle of structural mechanics, the use of gas pressure characteristics of a certain rigid body of the column, after the organic combination of the tent. With the strength of the skeleton material, it can set the load size, the performance of the high polymer coating, which determines the life of the frame and the rigidity of the frame. Mainly used for moisture, waterproof, wind, dust, sun, rescue and disaster relief, short-term training in the field.

inflatable bubble tent


Adhesive bonding combined with high-frequency heat sealing process production, gas column by double PVC coated cloth, tarpaulin waterproof, anti ultraviolet material, with fast molding, high strength, fire proofing, mildew, anti UV, moisture and other advantages. The tent is an inflatable tent, the tent frame is a gas column structure, and a general metal frame, with the volume of light, small, easy to fold.Easy to carry, etc.. Relatively speaking, inflatable tent erection is very convenient, only need tents flat on the ground, then on foot pump or electric pump, just two people erecting, within a few minutes can be set up is completed. When the demolition is the same, the number of metal stents to dismantle and pack the number of people to be more time-consuming and relatively long. The inflatable tent in the removal of the natural gas only need to make it, or electric fan can be electric fan.


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